Honey, rosemary and wine roasted apricots

Apricots need a bit of coaxing from heat. Theyre pretty insipid and spongy/mushy when raw but roasting, jamming, or stewing concentrates their flavour and makes them very, very apricoty. I really liked the combination of rosemary and apricot so I roasted them with a few sprigs of rosemary and also some honey, sugar, Juran├žon (which is SO good) and a few chunks of butter. After 24 minutes of roasting at 180┬░, the apricots collapse into soft, jammy sacs bursting with flavour and the liquid reduces to a thick syrup. I ate about 4 whole apricots (!) on its own.. they were just too hard to resist. I also made a goats cheese bavarois and almond-oat crumble to accompany the apricots but I think Ill just eat them all on its own in the end..